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The Precision Preamplifier 2.0

Precision Preamplifier 2.0
The Precision Preamplifier is back. After an extended period of development and improvement, we present The Precision Preamplifier 2.0

What's new:

  • High-quality onboard headphone amplifier added
  • Extra line input added
  • LED illuminated button facility for all font-panel switches
  • Pots can be either ALPS 16mm or Ohmeg Green Eco-pots
  • PCB now has gold-flashed pads
  • Now fully RoHS compliant

There are four ways to buy the preamplifier PCB003:

1: Bare PCB & build notes: 129.00
2: Bare PCB, build notes, switches & buttons: 150.00
3: Bare PCB, all PCB components, & build notes: 355:00
4: Assembled & tested PCB. Includes build notes: 650.00

A case kit is now available which includes a ready-machined and printed case, mains transformer, wiring assemblies, knobs & mechanical fixings. See the cases page.

precision preamp fully built
The Precision Preamplifier fully assembled in the case

Close-ups of the front and rear panels of the preamplifier can be seen just below

precision preamp front panel

precision preamp rear panel

The Precision Preamplifier is probably the best preamplifier in the world. If you examine the list of features below you will see why we feel justified in saying that.

F E A T U R E S.

S P E C I F I C A T I O N S.